Coaching Tips


By Jenny Sharkey

If you are a team leader in the workplace, inevitably you will be coaching the other team members in some form or other. Important things to remember when coaching people at work:

¨ Have a plan: a clear action plan gets everyone on the same page and means the team aligns and calibrates their efforts, while allowing you to easily adjust their behaviours to meet the end goal.

¨ Make the most of “teachable moments” – those moments when something has happened with the one you are coaching that make them open to what you are trying to get across to them.

¨ Practice. People will become good at what they do repeatedly. Practicing the behaviours needed to reach the goals decided upon helps the whole team to be effective.

¨ Align people in roles that match their aptitudes. Motivation increases when you make sure goals are achievable for people

¨ Keep learning. Even though you are the coach and supposedly the expert, make sure you keep learning yourself. Learners learn best from other learners. Keep humble.

¨ Praise achievements and celebrate milestones. Let the ones you are coaching know they are valued and appreciated. Everyone performs better in a positive environment. Fun is a huge motivator.