About Jenny Sharkey

Jenny Sharkey is currently working on a PhD investigating the mechanisms that create and maintain healthy and happy relationships. She is doing this at Auckland AUT University under the supervision of Dr Jackie Feather and Dr Sonja Goedeke. Jenny is developing an integrated overarching diagnostic framework for illustrating how multiple determinants act over the lifespan to produce adult intimate relationship trajectories – with a particular focus on marriage.

Jenny has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and 30 years of experience in counselling and coaching people to live their best life. She has also been involved in youth work, at-risk youth care, counselling care and pastoral care for the majority of that time, alongside raising three wonderful children – now adults. She is a natural teacher and has written and ‘ghost written’ several books, magazine articles, and academic journal articles, and has been involved over the last 35 years in leading events, training schools, charities and teams, as well as keynote speaking. She has founded two businesses and has renovated and built ten homes. Alongside her husband she is a director of “The Lifeworks Co Ltd”, and has been involved in the development of their leadership training programs.



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